About Me

Joshua Glass is a singer-songwriter/pianist from Burlington, Vermont. 

 “Glass has the ability as a songwriter to bring the listener directly into the messy dynamics of his characters”, writes Seven Days newpaper. Embracing a "pop sensibility and improvisational style reminiscent of Allen Toussaint" (Burlington City Arts), Joshua’s catalog of songs range from playful pop hooks to haunting ballads---tied together by soulful vocals and lyrics that touch on themes of trauma, isolation, heartbreak, and elusive glimmers of hope.  

 As a piano player, “Glass constantly toys, smiles and rocks out on his 88 keys" (The Vermont Cynic), his style “coming close to the aural equivalent of imbibing whiskey" (Henry Soule of Soundbites), with a stream-of-consciousness approach that keeps audiences on their toes---fascinated, but never frustrated. 

 Joshua's past and present collaborations with artists include Shake the Band, Andriana Chobot, Justin Levinson & The Valcours, The Beerworth Sisters, Ryan Sweezey, Myra Flynn, Tommy Alexander, Gregory Douglass, and many others. His other musical ventures comprise of “manic-depressive improv” quartet Women Be Shopping, jazz duo The Glass Project (with Gregory Douglass), and a “dueling pianos” project with Andriana Chobot. 

More recently, he contributed piano and vocals to the Julia Beerworth song "Stay With Me" (also featuring Russ Lawton of the Trey Anastasio Band and Colin McCaffrey) which was featured on the Netflix series The Ranch.  

 Joshua’s full-length album SMILE OFF THE CLOCK was released in 2020 and is described by Chris Farnsworth of Seven Days as “a sonically diverse album that never stops asking questions about our hearts and motivations” and “a nuanced and clever examination of why happiness is so hard to maintain.” He continues this journey with an increasingly busy tour schedule—playing more than 50 gigs a year—with plans to release his next album in summer 2023.